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PLC explosion-proof control cabinet

PLC explosion-proof control cabinet

Scope of application

1. Dangerous gas locations in Zone 1 and Zone 2;

2. Class ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC T1~T6 group explosive gas or vapor environment;

3. Indoor and outdoor, IP54);

4. Applicable to areas 20, 21 and 22 of combustible dust environment;

5. Applicable to the environment where the temperature group is T1-T6;

6. Suitable for explosive and dangerous environments such as petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, wine, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing, military facilities, etc.;

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1.Explosion-proof symbol: ExdellBT4Gb, ExdellCT4Gb, ExdIIBT4 Gb/ExtDA21 IP55 T135℃, ExdIICT4 Gb/ExtDA21 IP55 T135℃.

2.Protection Level: IP54.

3.Power supply line: AC220V/380V 50HZ. Three-phase five wire system.

4.Total current of switch: 16A ~ 1250A

5.Branch current: 6A ~ 1000A

6.Shell material: Q235 Carbon steel.

7.Aluminum alloy casting shell. Electrostatic powder coating on carbon steel.

8.Inlet: G3/4” – G4”

9.Outlet: G1/2” – G4”

10.Cable entry: Aluminum cable sealing.

11.Installation: Movable type, floor type, wall type, frame type. Collocation according customer or shell design.

Products Features

1. Can loaded dual power source, breaker, AC contactor, thermal relay, inverter, soft-starter, Surge protective device, transformer, small relay, time relay, pulse control apparatus, emergency power supply, electricity instruments, intelligent instruments, PLC, touch screen, current transformer, remote receiver, KBO etc.

2. With protection for short circuit, overload, lack-phase, leakage, disconnection of the breaker.

3. Need waterproof cover fixed outdoor.

4. Electric line completely in shell, only prepare outlet wire connected teminal blocks.

5. Steel pipe or cable can available.