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Low-Voltage capacitance compensation cabinet

Low-Voltage capacitance compensation cabinet

Product Introduction

Low-Voltage capacitance compensation cabinet fix famous brand components. Long operation life, stable performance,high security.Improve the power factor of the loads.reduced reactived power, save energy, improve limited load.

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1.Reducing the transmission of reactive energy in distribution lines. Reduce the power loss of the line.

2.Develop potential projected capacity, Increase the output of equipment, Improve the utilization of equipment.

3.power-factor improvement. inductive reactive power compensation.save energy.

4.Improve voltage, improve electric energy.

5.Can display grid power factor, can compensation with reactive power.

6.With function of exchange manual & auto.

7.Output: turn on first, turn off first. Recyle.

8.Lead, lag, over indicator.

  • fuse-switch-disconnector
  • distribution measure and control instrument
  • intelligent power capacity
  • intelligent power meter
  • current transformer
  • metal zinc oxide arrester
  • temperature controller
  • fan
  • intermediate relay
  • fuse
  • ndicator
  • current terminal