Integrity & Innovation---Xiangke Intelligent

issuing time:2021-07-07

Integrity & Innovation---Xiangke Intelligent

Our commpany is a manufacturer specializing in the production of the high-low-voltage switch equipment and control equipment company. Our products are widely used in industrial environment protection and water treatment (reclaimed water technology, pure water preparation). Air-conditional, hydraulic power, electric power, architecture construction, energy control, factory building etc.


As an electrical control equipment specialist,  Xiangke has become a leading supplier in Sewage treatment, waste-gas treatment, energy saving with years development & professional technician. And it has applied Hi-Tech enterpise. Xiangke attracted excellentt talent upon managementt philosophy “human-centered management and sustainable development”.

The impetus of Xiangke came from these fresh talent.

Staff Training


Technical communication with foreigh customer

Company take  “home” as the core, care of employees. Established company atmosphere “People-oriented”. Carry corporation culture upon on rich culture activities.


Performance show


Birthday Party

We knew, as a high-tech enterprises, talent is the core of competitive. So we must pay attention to the talent.  We warmly welcome the person has a dream to join the Xiangke family. we should cherish their quality,discover their capability and take full use of their advantages. Based on integrity, innovation, honesty, win-win cooperation