Reclaimed water Technology

issuing time:2021-07-02

Reclaimed water Technology


Reclaimed water originated from Japan, it is a different treatment from feedwater, drainage water. The reclaimed water is take good quality sanitary water as non-drinking usage after technological treatment.

Reclaimed water widely used in vehicle cleaning, spraying parkland, flushing toilet, cooling water etc. Like this, the water resource has full utilization. Reduced the pollution from sewage discharge directly.

For a city lacking of freshwater, that reclaimed water technology is best way for relief of water shortage, pollution control, protect environmental.

The purification for reclaimed water is also simple, Total 3 steps.  1st stage, separate impurities from water via grill.  We need a tank for water adjustable because water usage unstable in daily life.

90% water pollutants removed in secondary treatment.  Biological treatment, physical processing, membrance processing. No need much manpower & material for these treatment processing.

Many year ago, reclaimed water used in publice building that need amount water and price is expensive. such as hotel, restaurant, culture & sports facilities. With the reduction of water resources & environmental protection, more and more residential building adopted reclaimed water technology. It is gradually part of people’s life.