issuing time:2021-07-02


UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible power system. It is a power supplier that has enery storing device, inverter as basic components, with constant frequency.

When power supply is normal, UPS stabilizing voltage & current for loads, and recharge the inside battery.


When the AC power abnormalities or sudden power outage, UPS will continued supply power for loads by invert power from battery in 4~10 msec.  Let loads keep nornal working,  like this, the data will saved, the soft & hardware will be protected.


In principle, UPS is a electric electronic device integrated digital simulation circuit, automatic control inverter and maintenace-free energy storage device.


From functional, UPS can keep AC power nornally when sudden power outage. And can  continued supply the power to computer when outage. Let you have enough time for preparetion.


From usage: UPS widely used in informtion collect, transmitting, processing, saving etc. Upon information society in coming, UPS is more and more important for our society.