How to define and understand high and low voltage complete sets of equipment?

issuing time:2021-05-26

A complete set of equipment refers to an industrial complex that produces finished or semi-finished products. It can be a section, a production line, a workshop or a factory. It can be a single piece of equipment for a certain profession, or it can be a comprehensive piece of equipment for several professions.

High and low voltage: In accordance with the provisions of Article 1.4 of the People's Republic of China industry standard DL 408-91 "Electrical Industry Safety Work Regulations", electrical equipment is divided into two types: high voltage and low voltage:

High voltage: For equipment with a voltage above 250V to ground: 

Low voltage: The voltage of the equipment to ground is 250V and below.

A complete set of high and low voltage equipment is a comprehensive equipment that includes high voltage equipment and low voltage equipment.