Applicable to the protection requirements of distribution boxes in chemical plants

issuing time:2021-05-26

Because the use environment of our distribution box is more complicated, some will be installed and used in corrosive acid and alkali environment, and some will be in a relatively humid environment, so the products of our distribution box manufacturers must have good quality The protective ability.

The protection requirements of the power distribution box manufacturer: the power distribution box (cabinet) is required to be able to operate under the condition of third-level pollution, that is, the protection level of the power distribution box and cabinet reaches IP3X. All steel plates and section steels used in the cabinet body must be degreasing, derusting, and phosphating treatment before spraying. Other metal parts must have anti-corrosion ability, otherwise, anti-corrosion measures must be taken for treatment. All insulation used in power distribution cabinets must be self-extinguishing materials.

The shell of the distribution box with three-proof function is made of engineering plastics, and the color is generally black. Small circuit breakers are installed inside. The size of the box is mainly determined according to the components installed inside. Its sealing performance is very good. It has good waterproof and dustproof functions, and is mainly suitable for places with high corrosion strength and easy water ingress such as chemical plants.

The above is the introduction brought by the distribution box manufacturer. After reading it, you should have an understanding of the three-room distribution box.